Visual Communication Design

We maximize the "power to convey" of images with creative planning and realization

Business Content:

  • We are in charge of the overall management of video content production, such as planning, production, and progress management of videos related to ethical drugs and healthcare promotion.

Movie Planning

  • We will extract issues related to promotion and propose optimal movie planning for various viewing targets such as doctors/healthcare professionals, patients, and in-house.

Movie Production

  • For Doctors and Healthcare Professionals ・ Doctor commentary movie ・ Key visual movie ・ Product explanation movie ・ Mechanism of action movie ・ Preparation/ administration procedure movie ・ Experiment/ microscope movie ・ Movie of development process ・ Event movies (society, lectures, etc.) ・ Company/ area introduction movie, etc.
  • For Patients ・ Medication instruction movie ・ Disease commentary movie ・ Pharmaceutical commentary movie ・ Disease awareness movie ・ Preparation/ administration procedure movie ・ Patient interviews, etc.
  • For internal use ・ MR training movie ・ Motivation up movie ・ Workshop shooting, etc.

Personnel Composition:

  • Video Producer
  • Video Director