Creative Division

Infuse the soul into the strategy and visualize it

Business content:

From marketing strategy to communication plan.
To maximize Infront's strength in creating penetrating coherence from beginning to end, it is essential to infuse soul into the strategy and visualize it.
As the creative team, we identify different values ​​depending on the area, perform analysis such as market positioning and target characteristics. We create impactful concepts with connoisseur flair cultivated through our experience and know-how. We visualize key messages.
We dramatically enhance the effectiveness of communication plans and contribute to improving product and corporate brand value.

Main Outputs:

  • Branding(Analysis, Development)
  • Key Visual, Key Message
  • Product related materials(Summary of product information, basic materials, education and training materials, etc.)
  • Disease-related educational materials(Information magazines, pamphlets, posters, etc.)
  • Treatment support program for patients

Personnel Composition:

  • Creative Director
  • Art Director
  • Editorial Director