Infront Spirit

Infront wants to be a cozy company for those who have a clear will to work,
where each individual can find his/her own value.

For a company with as few restrictions as possible
As long as we are a company, we have to comply with fulfilling our social responsibilities and governance for our organization. But, we also break down unnecessary constraints in order not to hinder individual motivation or dynamic behavior.
Seeking freedom that makes it easier to work
As long as consensus is recognized by all and can be operated continuously, we will reduce unnecessary rules as much as possible and seek freedom for a more comfortable working environment.
Take responsibility for freedom
The more freedom is sought, the more likely conflicts will occur with others and society. That may just be selfishness. Therefore, we must control ourselves, be recognized by others and society, and make the utmost effort for our responsibilities to gain empathy and trust. The more one seeks better freedom, the heavier one's responsibility will be, but one will overcome it by imposing it on oneself.
Resonating with job satisfaction
Freedom, which is essential in choosing a company, is crucial in doing what one wants to do.
However, for that purpose, efforts to control oneself are also required.
One should be autonomous to practice freedom.
By going through that process, when growing up in stages, one can get irreplaceable joy and motivation to work beyond the unified business.
Infront wants to be a company that can resonate with people who continually keep that awareness.