Thoughts in our Company Name


To be at the forefront

“INFRONT” means “in the front row”, “in the lead”, “in the most important position”.

In such a place, it is necessary to have an eye that continuously determines the value of information and strength to ask oneself its correctness.

Otherwise, one will not be able to determine the information really needed.

In addition,

In such a place, information itself is constantly changing. So we have to keep updating our abilities as well.

We believe that the significance and potential of information can only be found through such an active attitude.

INFRONT represents a company whose mission is to do so.

Meaning of
being at the Forefront


We put in the "IN-" of INFRONT

Infront intends to be also a source of information.

The IN- of "INFRONT" includes not only Information but also meanings such as Instructiveness, Independence, Integrity, Influence, and Inspiration.

Five thoughts

  • InstructivenessPromote mutual understanding
  • IndependenceBe independent and original
  • IntegrityHave a sincere attitude
  • InfluenceGive others positive impact and vitality
  • InspirationInspire and move
  • We aim for excellency in communication