What Infront aims for:

Make as many people healthy as possible
through creativity and communication.

Even if medicine becomes more sophisticated in medical care,
Even if DX spreads to all value chains of pharmaceutical companies,
Even if engineering technologies change business models,
Even if prevention expands to various targets including prognosis
and QOL,

Our goal is
to find new solutions through creativity and communication,
and to make as many people as possible healthy.

Advances in medicine and trends in new drugs = antibody drugs, vaccines, nucleic acid drugs, cell medicine / iPS / regenerative medicine, gene therapy
Modality (treatment method)
DX (Digital Transformation) = AI, database, IoT, and other ICT reforms
工Engineering technology = nanotechnology, robotics, gamification, digital pharmaceuticals, and other engineering
Business model = Transformation of the business model of pharmaceutical companies, alliances / integrations between pharmaceutical companies and other industries, cross-industry corporate model
From prevention to prognosis / QOL = prevention / diagnosis / treatment / prognosis / QOL
Diverse service targets = medical providers (pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment companies, other healthcare-related companies), healthcare professionals (doctors, pharmacists, nurses, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, nutritionists, etc.), medical consumers (patients, etc.)・ Patient family, general consumers), society