Media & Event Communication

We provide detailed and high-quality services from media planning to event management.

Business Content:

  • Media planning in general
    Planning and managing events such as exhibition booths related to academic societies in Japan and overseas and public lectures.

Main Activities:

  • Media Planning/ Progress Management ・ Planning/ Buying of Medical and General Media
  • Domestic and Overseas Academic Conference Events ・ Planning and Operation of Exhibition Booths ・ Management of Meetings such as Advisory Board and Roundtable Discussion Meetings ・ Management of Lectures and Symposiums ・ Study Group Secretariat Management
  • Coverage of Academic Societies' Congresses ・ Coordination of interviews at overseas academic societies, selection of interview themes, negotiations with supervising doctors, etc.
  • Educational / Training Events ・ Overseas Facility Visit Coordination ・ Medical Seminar Management ・ MR Research Event Planning and Management ・ Global Communication Support
  • DTC communication ・ Enlightenment Advertisement (national and general newspapers/ magazine, TV, radio, web) ・ Planning and Management of enlightenment events (public lectures, various sponsorship events, etc.)
  • PR ・ PR Activity Management for Medical Professionals and the General Public

Personnel Composition:

  • Media Planner
  • Event Producer (Domestic/ Overseas)
  • Event Director (Domestic/ Overseas)