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Handling of personal information

When requesting inquiries or information from our website, it is necessary to enter your personal information.

1. Personal information to be acquired and purpose of use
We will collect the following personal information in order to make hiring decisions, pass / fail decisions, notify and contact the results of our company (including group companies). We will not use these beyond the scope of our purpose.
① Information on resumes and resumes
② Contact information such as email address and phone number
③ Results of recruitment test

2. Provision to a third party and consignment of handling of personal information
Since we outsource part of the recruitment exam, we may provide your name and email address to the outsourcer.

3. Procedures for responding to requests for disclosure of personal information, etc.
Regarding the personal information provided to you, until we notify you of the recruitment result, notification of the purpose of use, disclosure of personal information, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, deletion, suspension of provision to third parties You have the right to ask for. If you would like to make these requests, please contact the following inquiries. However, please note that we cannot answer inquiries regarding evaluation information.

[Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information subject to disclosure]
Contact: PMS Secretariat
Address : 1-9-13 Nihonbashihoncho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 10th floor, Nihonbashihoncho 1-chome Building
Phone: 03-6214-1100 E-mail:

Infront Co., Ltd.
Personal Information Protection Manager Yumiko Minoura

4. Voluntary submission of personal information
Submission of personal information is at your discretion. However, if you do not submit a part of your personal information, you may be disadvantaged because you cannot make an appropriate decision in recruitment selection.

5. Disposal of resumes, etc.
Documents such as resumes submitted will not be returned regardless of whether they are hired or not. In the unlikely event that it is not adopted, we will handle it appropriately according to our regulations.

Infront Co., Ltd.
Personal Information Protection Manager Yumiko Minoura