Representative Message


The medical environment is affecting its leading players, the pharmaceutical companies, in numerous ways.

The reasons are factors such as super-aging, lifestyle changes, and the issue of realizing a healthy and long-living society. We also need to consider the trend towards patient-centered care in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis/ QOL and the further extension to life science across various sciences.

Furthermore, pharmaceutical companies are also required to digitize as new value creation. By using advanced technologies in digital health such as DX in all value chains, smartphones/ IoT and AI, considering drugs beyond the pill, pharmaceutical companies are eagerly promoting innovations from treatment with drugs to comprehensive healthcare solutions.

In addition, medical science, medicine and treatment have evolved rapidly. After antibody medicine, innovative treatment methods such as nucleic acid medicine, iPS/ regenerative medicine, and gene therapy have appeared. Intractable diseases, as well as significant diseases and cancer, have emerged. Diseases that could not be treated until now, such as rare diseases, are now being covered.

Amid such dynamic changes in medical care, we, at Infront, want to provide the best services at the forefront.
We are creating new value based on cutting-edge strategies for all people in need of medical care and information.