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Thoughts our company name is built upon.

INFRONT means being in the lead, standing at the front of the line, or in the most important place. It expresses the very activity of treating information as a living thing. Because information and those that give it value are always changing, it takes an active position to discover the significance, the possiblities, etc.

It also carries our message-the IN stands not only for INFORMATION, but also INTERACTIVE, INDEPENDENT, INFLUENCE, INTEGRETY, INSPIRE, etc. In other words, we promote the ideals of mutual understanding, a sense of autonomy and individuality, and having a positive, lively influence on others. Our aim is to make excellent communcation a reality which inspires and infuse emotion into others.

  • 01.Company Profile : Proud to be in the lead.
  • 02.Our History : With one stroke,history is made.
  • 03.Message from the President : There is no stopping after the first step.
  • 04.The Spirits of Infront : The will and purpose to move forward.

Company Information